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5 Great Ways to Pass Time Until Camping Season

As the winter days linger, the excitement for camping at Mark Twain Lake Jellystone Park™ grows. Now is the perfect time to channel your anticipation into preparing for the upcoming camping season of outdoor fun and adventure.

5 Exciting Ways to Gear Up for Camping Season

1. Gear Check and Update:

Dedicate time to inspect and organize your camping gear. This is crucial for identifying items that need repair or replacement. Having everything in top condition is key to enjoying your camping adventures without any hitches.

2. Practice Tent Pitching:

For those new to tent camping, practicing how to set up your tent can be a valuable and enjoyable family activity. It not only ensures you’re ready for the real thing but also serves as a fun way to involve the entire family in the preparations.

3. Bucket List for Park Activities:

Creating a bucket list specific to the camping season can be quite rewarding. It could include trying various amenities and activities, engaging in different themed events, and exploring uncharted areas of the park. This list will give you specific goals to achieve during your camping trips.

Camping Season


4. Craft a Camping Meal Plan:

Involve your family in planning your camping menu. This can be an exciting way to try new recipes and ensure everyone has something they love. Planning ahead for meals adds a comforting and organized element to the camping experience.

5. Plan Your First Trip:

An early reservation, especially for peak dates like July 4th, is advisable. Book in advance to guarantee your preferred camping spot, be it a campsite or a cabin. A small booking fee can secure your preferred site for your family’s stay.

With the camping season at Mark Twain Lake Jellystone Park™ approaching, these activities are more than just pastimes; they’re steps towards a well-prepared and enjoyable camping experience. Begin your preparations today and look forward to a season filled with exploration and family bonding.

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